Hillsborough Memorial, Old Haymarket, Liverpool

A worthy monument to those who died at Hillsborough, described beautifully by Alan.

Alan's History Spot

The tragic events on the 15th April 1989 at Hillsborough Football Stadium, Sheffield are permanently etched upon the hearts and lives of Liverpool.

Hillsborough Memorial 1

This memorial to the 96 people who lost their lives was commissioned and sited at the Old Haymarket, near to the entrance of the Queensway road tunnel.

Hillsborough Memorial 2

The scene is of an imaginary place populated by figures who are guardians of the memory.

The wreath is made up of spring flowers to signify the time of year the tragedy struck.

Below the wreath is a poem by David Charters.

And so, as one, the hushed crowd turned the pages of the book that held the names of the dead

And the sound that rose from them was like a great flapping of birds’ wings

Into the dark sky and beyond, it carried the memories of those who had gone – the teachers whose wisdom was lost…

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6 thoughts on “Hillsborough Memorial, Old Haymarket, Liverpool

      1. I didn’t Denzil, but my dad and brother were at a football match at Ibrox in 1971 where there was a similar disaster. When it came on the news, my mum and I were besides ourselves and gave dad and bro ‘what for’ when they finally got home for not finding a telephone box and calling us to say they were safe (in the days before mobile ‘phones)!


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