I’m an avid reader and aspiring writer, lover of animals … especially creepy-crawlies, such as worms, caterpillars, spiders and all sorts of creatures that burrow in the soil and hide under rocks.  I’m also a pluviophile (a lover of rain) and a recovered scoleciphobic (someone who is afraid of worms).  It’s ironic that I was both a pluviophile and a scoleciphobic, since rain brings the worms out, but it’s not a problem for me now!

I find beauty in abandoned and derelict places, such as schools, hospitals, overgrown churchyards and asylums … the spookier, the better.   I would like to see the Northern Lights, bring in the New Year on a remote beach and fly in a helicopter, but not as a patient of the air ambulance service.

Most importantly, I am a Christian with Panentheistic convictions.  I believe that whoever we are, whichever faith we aspire to, we all have the potential for a relationship with God.

On the whole, I am a fairly contented person.

Thank you for looking in.

Lesley M Dawson